New Normal Design / 29/08/2016 /
Quality concrete solutions for over 40 years.


New Normal Design / 29/08/2016 /
Oishi brings you delicious sushi and asian sides. They deliver. You indulge.

Samantha Clifton Photography

New Normal Design / 29/08/2016 /
Photography with editorial style, glossy glamour and sophisticated art direction.

Stay Curious Photography

New Normal Design / 18/07/2016 /
A Photography brand that uncovers the extraordinary in the ordinary.


New Normal Design / 08/10/2015 /
Minimalist designer home decor for kids and cool people.

Leipzig Country House

New Normal Design / 17/07/2015 /
Leipzig Country House, where timeless traditions meet modern living.

The Fresh Perspective

New Normal Design / 16/06/2015 /
A coaching methodology that creates clarity in an age of complexity.

Interior Specialists

New Normal Design / 08/05/2015 /
Optimising any space, by combining vision and inspiring design.

Bride Sidekick

New Normal Design / 19/04/2015 /
Concepts, design & floral flair for stylish weddings.

Kim Tracey Photography

New Normal Design / 17/03/2015 /
Documentary style photography for remembering those unscripted, in ­between moments.